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Application for marketing position

Thanks for visiting Kiboma Research Center and for your interest to be part of our growing team.

1)Do you know any Undergraduate, Postgraduate, PHD or Professor who needs help in data anaysis?

2)Do you know any organisation that needs assistance in field research or data entry?

2)What about a student or organisation that needs to conduct a survey and needs to use an oline platform?

Connect them to our organisation for them to get better and professional services.

The fee charged is as below:

  1. Data analysis- Kshs. 18,000 ($ 164)
  2. Questionnaires- Kshs. 2500 ($23 )
  3. Questionnaires Design- Kshs. 1500 ($14 )

Commision awarded per client brought on board and services requested is as below:

  1. Data analysis- Kshs. 3,000 ($ 28)
  2. Questionnaires- Kshs. 300 ($2.7 )
  3. Questionnaires Design- Kshs. 200 ($1.8 )
  4. projects and data entry will be 10% of the client's work equivalent amount

(At kiboma Research Center, we are proud of the quality we offer to our clients)

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